the story behind meltee

Hello and welcome to meltee!

We are Charlotte and Caitlin, the founders of meltee. After meeting in 2021 and forming a successful business partnership (and close friendship), we decided to launch our dream wax melt and candle brand. Both of us have always been obsessed with home fragrance. We would always buy each other candles as Christmas and birthday gifts. Recently, Charlotte was gifted a wax burner and wax melts, and she discovered how easy they are to use and how amazing they are at filling a room with fragrance.

However, we noticed a gap in the home fragrance market. As busy individuals who value our downtime, we love lighting a relaxing candle or using a wax melt to fill the room with fragrance that matches our mood.Unfortunately, we have never found a brand that combines fragrance with feeling and wellness. That's why meltee is centered around creating a calming, relaxing escape (with a huge element of fun) through fragrances that make you feel good.

vegan & cruelty free
scientifically proven vibes
scents that last